1. starg8rocks:

    Jack & Renee: “I’m latching onto you…” 

    I made a NEW Jack & Renee video for a dear friend of mine   :) <3

    I hope she likes it! :) and I hope you all enjoy as well! :)

    - Starg8rocks

  2. fuckyeahjackandchloe:

    Chloe & Bill - Day 7

  3. "This is not a reaction.  I’ve had these scars."

  4. "I owe him. I owe his family." ||24: Live Another Day - (12pm-1pm)
  5. Tony: Hey, we’re going to survive this day. All right?
    [Michelle nods.]
    Tony: Come on. Get changed.
    [Michelle heeds his advice and leaves.]